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The integrity of radio frequency information is vital to much of the technology that shapes the world we live in.

Our security depends on telecoms and data communications that are immune to snooping, jamming or cyber-attack; our future transportation safety relies on every vehicle – land, sea and airborne – having centimetre accuracy location, and the capability of communicating this and other vital sensor information across the vast network of other vehicles and infrastructure.

Helix Technologies precision antennas are at the sharp end of communications system engineering where we separate the meaningful from the clutter and enable data systems engineers to design the next generation of connectivity.

How do we do it?

Our antenna resonator uses a high dielectric constant ceramic substrate with multiple helix conductors printed on its surface. The ceramic concentrates the electric field within the helix, optimising the frequency focus and sensitivity, and reducing susceptibility to interference, electrostatic discharge and near-field effects (like human bodies, metal objects, etc). For our multi-frequency antennas we print up to 10 interwoven helixes on the small substrate (only 33mm long and 13mm diameter), which requires micron-level manufacturing accuracy for which we use laser lithography. The resonator is stacked with up to three micro-printed circuit boards which filter and amplify the signal, and match the radio frequency characteristics of the antenna to the interconnect which connects it to our customers’ systems. The entire stack can be over-moulded with a protective coating for externally mounted applications, giving it IP67 level of environmental resilience, and enabling its use in ruggedised products.

Antennas that provide unrivalled multi-path immunity in centimetre-accuracy applications

About Us

Helix Technologies designs and manufactures advanced precision antennas for the global interconnect markets. Targeting applications that demand highly accurate positioning or time-base derived from any of the GNSS constellations, our family of Dielectric-loaded Multi-filar Helix (DMH) antennas combines compact size with high performance to give satellite navigation and communications systems designers a unique solution that is superior to any others:

  • Multi-frequency/Multi-constellation – supports GPS, Galileo, Glonass, BEIDou, QZSS, etc
  • Highly focused Phase Centre – enables millimetre accuracy in static (datum) positioning and 10cm dynamic accuracy
  • Small size, and lightweight – ideal for handheld and portable applications; enable clean product aesthetics
  • Fit-and-Forget – no ground plane requirements; consistent performance in any configuration
  • Multi-path Immunity – maintains accuracy in signal-reflecting environments such as ‘urban canyons’ in cities
  • Lowest possible proximity detuning – performance unaffected by objects in the near-field, and not affected by human body in hand-held applications
  • EMP (static discharge) immunity – performance is unaffected by electromagnetic pulse activity
  • Intrinsically robust – Ideal for military, aerospace and automotive applications

Our in-house specialist manufacturing process combines robotics, laser lithography and AI to fabricate antennas for a range of applications including highly accurate GNSS (GPS, Galileo, Glonass, Beidou) location services and future MIMO datacomms like V2X and satellite or earth-based 5G. Inherently robust, Helix Technology antennas are ideally suited to military, aerospace and automotive applications in addition to industrial and consumer markets.

Contact us to discuss your precision GNSS antenna requirements:
e: projects@helixtechnologies.co.uk
t: +44 (0)1235 887444

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