Helix Technologies is developing a range of compact, high-performance, dielectric-loaded ceramic antennas for use in a wide range of demanding telecommunications and navigation applications. The use of the ceramic core enables the fabrication of antennas that are physically smaller than conventional antennas, behave much more effectively and predictably in a wide range of challenging user scenarios and have many compelling technical advantages which include:-

  • Maintaining radiation efficiency near absorbing objects (e.g. such as the human body)
  • Improving the accuracy of GNSS systems in multi-path environments (e.g. in cities)
  • Operation in sub-optimal orientations towards the sky
  • Are able to be placed into very tightly integrated systems
  • Operation in slim-devices without a ground plane
  • Unsurpassed gain/efficiency per unit of volume
  • Simple and robust design and construction for durability and reliability
  • Un-rivalled beam-width (omni-directionality)
  • Multi-frequency, tailored frequency response

These characteristics make the dielectric-loaded, multi-filar helix antenna a compelling choice for a wide range of demanding telecommunications and navigation applications including Internet of Things (IoT), GNSS, autonomous vehicles/driverless cars (GNSS/V2X/DSRC), drone delivery platforms, LEO satellite communications, personal body-worn devices and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and any other scenarios where there is downward pressure on device size, weight and power (SWAP).

Helix Antenna
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