Helix Technologies on Zenzic CAM Scale-up Funding Programme

Helix Technologies on Zenzic CAM Scale-up Funding Programme

Helix Technologies will be awarded a share of £500k UK Government funding for our work on the future of autonomous vehicles. This will enable us to utilise the CAM Test Bed facilities to demonstrate the high levels of accuracy of our precision SatNav antennas.

The Zenzic CAM Scale-Up Funding Programme

This award shows that technological breakthroughs by UK start-ups are recognised at the highest levels as key to a safe successful autonomous vehicle strategy for future transportation. We look forward to working with Zenzic & the CAM Test Beds, & we congratulate the other winners on this cohort”, says James Lewis, Helix Technologies, CEO

About Helix precision antennas:
Designed to enable centimetre accuracy PNT (Position Navigation and Timing) from the GNSS satellite constellations, Helix DMAs (Dielectric-loaded Multi-filar Antennas) are resilient in GNSS-challenged environments. They reject multi-path signals, are immune to RF and electrical interference, common-mode noise and near-field effects, and provide protection against malicious jamming and spoofing. This makes them essential in autonomous vehicle and drone situational awareness, as well as a wide range of defence, industrial and consumer applications.

About Zenzic:
Zenzic CAM Scale-Up Funding Programme, supported by the @Centre for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles and delivered in partnership with @Plug and Play, gives UK self-driving technology SMEs and startups the unique opportunity to test their products across CAM Testbed UK. More information about the Zenzic CAM Scale-Up Programme.

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