Electronics Enginneer

We are looking for a dynamic, challenge-hungry, results-oriented electronics engineer to join our team of technologists developing advanced antennas for high-accuracy satellite positioning and navigation. Our customers include global aerospace and automotive organisations, and we plan to scale up ready for the autonomous vehicle and drone markets.

If you tick our boxes and want a rewarding role in a company that is at the leading edge of antenna design, then polish up your CV and contact us right away:

James Lewis – CEO
E: james.lewis@helixtechnologies.co.uk
T: +44 (0)1235 887444
Helix Technologies Ltd, 148 Sixth Street, Harwell Campus OX11 0TR, UK


About Helix Technologies:
Helix is a UK-based privately funded start-up located at the Harwell Campus near Oxford, noted for its cluster of space-tech businesses. The company is developing antennas for high accuracy GNSS location and high-bandwidth datacomms, and the precision manufacturing processes necessary for their manufacture.

About the Technology:
With variants for GPS and Galileo GNSS constellations (BeiDou and GLONASS versions are in development), Helix antennas are multi-frequency resonant devices with tightly targeted frequency discrimination. They utilise multiple helical conductor filaments on a high dielectric constant ceramic core. The selective nature of the design assures integrity of data delivered to the receiver enabling positional accuracy to 10cm to be computed, which out-performs the industry-demanded 30cm accuracy. Moreover, the helical antenna pattern’s resonance means that troublesome reflected signals, typical of modern cities’ ‘urban canyons’ are ignored, while the on-frequency accuracy makes the system resilient to ‘noisy neighbour’ spectrum interference and deliberate jamming. All this comes in a compact and robust form factor light enough for drones and small enough for vehicle aesthetics.

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