The safety-critical role of V2X/DSRC (Dedicated Short Range Communications) in future “driver assist” and “autonomous vehicle” systems requires particular attention to “real-world” channel/propagation characteristics. These systems must be engineered to operate robustly in the presence of many compromising factors which include:

  • Static multi-path distortions due to reflections from nearby buildings, street furniture, carriageway barriers and bridge structures.
  • Moving multi-path distortions due to reflections from other road-using vehicles moving in the same or opposite directions. Such distortions have effects on the frequency (Doppler-shift), time (micro-fading), polarisation (combining re-radiation from horizontal and vertical edges) and spatial (shadowing) characteristics of the channel.

Helix Technologies’ V2X antennas store resonance energy within the dielectric core of the antenna and as such have extremely stable field distributions in the presence of objects in the close environment – and therefore excellent “use-scenario” reliability. This architecture, which can be either linearly or circularly polarised, provides significant system advantages such as:

  • Single antenna operating over the entire 75 MHz 802.11p band (7 x 10 MHz channels)
  • Balanced antenna – rejects common mode noise from the car chassis giving improved data fidelity.
  • Sharp frequency response – rejection of adjacent channel signals and wide-band noise.
  • Electrically small antenna (typically 6mm diameter × 9mm long) – readily integrated into arrays if required
  • DC short-circuit – no damage to V2X modems from static electricity.
  • The antenna can be installed over a ground-plane or without a ground-plane with no change of resonance frequency.
  • Tight integration into sub-assemblies – the antenna can be part of a turn-key modular solution to be used in different packaging environments (e.g. head-light or wing-mirror assemblies).
  • Antenna inventory can be used in multiple different vehicle platforms and packages without re-tuning

For more information on our DSRC/802.11p V2X Antenna please get in Contact with us.

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